Ultrasound Therapy Treatment
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What ultrasound therapy helps with:

  • Strained Muscles, Tendons & Ligaments

  • Bursitis

  • Muscle Spasm

  • Scar Tissue

Ultrasound Therapy Treatment

Ultrasound therapy is a nonsurgical / non-invasive treatment and can be repeated several times a day.

We administer Ultrasound through a small wand that is applied to the skin above the injury or painful area.

As the sonic waves pass from the wand into the skin, they vibrate through the soft tissues which increase blood flow and reduces pain.

We use Ultrasound Therapy Treatment to treat some painful musculo-ligamentous conditions to promote healthy tissue healing.

It helps to break down scar tissue and increase production of the body’s natural pain killers (Opiods).

Ultrasound Understanding

where high-frequency sound waves are used to treat deep tissue injuries by stimulating blood circulation and cell activity, with the aim of reducing pain and spasms, as well as speeding up healing

Why KB Osteopaths

KB Osteopaths are specialists in the field of Ultrasound Therapy and we have been practicing with this technique to help hundreds of people for nearly 20 years.

Our specialist teams are experts in their field and provide only the best advise and support help you.

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