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We provide a specialist care and give all options for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pain following injury or musculo-skeletal dysfunction.

Our aim is to help patients recover quickly and stay healthy for longer. We take time to explain what is wrong and all the options for treatment, so that our patients are actively involved with their recovery.

The team here at KB Osteopaths see patients across all ages, from children to the elderly, with both acute and chronic pain arising from a range of conditions, including: spinal dysfunction, peripheral joint pain, as well as muscular, tendon and ligamentous strains, often caused as a result of trauma, sport or repetitive strain induced injuries. We also treat patients with pregnancy related pains both pre-natal and post-partum.

KB Osteopaths have a holistic approach to treatment and use a variety of osteopathic techniques, as well as acupuncture and naturopathic principles, always aiming for the best advice and treatment.

We offer a friendly, caring and personalised service in a comfortable ground floor consulting room, conveniently located in Bishop’s Stortford town centre with easy access and parking facilities.

If you have been suffering with pain, call our Bishops Stortford Osteopaths for a non-committal, honest, professional opinion, free of charge.

Additionally, you are also welcome to call us if you are not sure if osteopathic treatment is right for you.

Are you in pain?

Don’t suffer, our bishops Stortford osteopaths can help relieve your pain, get to the root of the problem and gently help you heal for a pain free life.

Our treatments

I recently had terrible pain in my lower back and a friend recommended Kamila. I was a bit nervous at first as I had never been to an osteopath before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Kamila was so kind and caring and talked me through every stage of my treatment. I’m delighted to say my back is so much better and the exercises and posture advice Kamila gave me has been so helpful. Thanks Kamila!

Yvonne Miller, Your Content Goes Here

I’ve just taken my 10 year old son to see Kamila. He had a fall in football training a few weeks ago and pulled a muscle which has become quite sore. Kamila was so kind and reassuring, she gave Seb a thorough examination and assured us both that no treatment was necessary, just rest. She gave him some simple stretching exercises to help keep his muscles supple. I would thoroughly recommend Kamila. Thank you!

Gina and Seb, Your Content Goes Here

I have seen Kamila on at least two important occasions; the first one after falling flat on my bump after slipping off a manhole cover in the centre of Bishop’s Stortford, smashing all four joints of my pelvis and being rushed to A&E with a suspected pelvis fracture. The Orthopaedic Consultant’s prognosis was that it would take me at least 6 months to recover fully. With Kamila’s help I was up and running within 2 months!

The second time I had to call upon her was following a rear ending car crash which gave me a serious whiplash. The pain was excruciating for a while and once again, Kamila’s treatment and subsequent exercises at home, under her guidance, helped me recover in record time.

A big thank you for your help and professionalism!, Your Content Goes Here

I’ve been seeing Kamila for back pain and sciatica, she’s always so understanding and caring and her treatment has got me back on the golf course again. Kamila’s treatment offers great value too.

Jan Godbold, Your Content Goes Here

I’m a fitness trainer and suffer from occasional lower back and hip pain. Kamila keeps my pain at bay with maintenance treatments and always assesses my pain every time I see her. I would thoroughly recommend osteopathy treatment and Kamila, thank you.

Gill Murray, Your Content Goes Here

Fiona has been outstanding and I am very grateful to her for her help, patience and skills in equipping me with the techniques I need for the future.


Incredibly kind, helpful and patient.  Great practical and useful techniques learned.


Thank you, I do not fear depression now, I can control it.  The service was excellent, well presented and professional.


I never thought I would get to this stage and overcome my fear but thanks to Fiona I have and I am really happy and proud of myself for it.

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