Below you will find some of our most commonly asked questions about our work and treatments. Please feel free to browse the FAQ and if we’re missing anything you need then please call us on 07931 742506 or email us on kamila.bonner@btopenworld.com

How do I pay?2018-03-16T11:04:56+00:00

Payment terms – payment is required at the time of treatment by debit/credit cards, cash or cheque.

How early after the start of symptoms should I start treatment?2018-03-16T11:04:08+00:00

If you are in pain call me as soon as you can.  I may be able to give you some self-help therapy advice over the phone – such as hot and cold therapy and excersises.  Untreated and recurring pain often gets worse and in many cases can be avoided if you act soon.

Acupuncture – will it hurt?2018-03-16T11:03:04+00:00

Acupuncture rarely causes discomfort.  If you are afraid of needles please let me know, there are alternative treatments available.

What will the treatment be?2018-03-16T11:02:17+00:00

The treatment may include hands on therapies, electrotherapy, acupuncture and therapeutic exercise.

What should I wear?2018-03-16T11:00:19+00:00

Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is best.

How many sessions will I need?2018-03-16T10:59:09+00:00

The first consultation is an initial assessment.  I will be able to fully assess your pain and the best treatment for you and give you an indication as to how many sessions are likely to be needed.

How long is a treatment session?2018-03-16T10:58:20+00:00
  • Most treatment sessions last for 45 minutes. Extended sessions are available, I’ll discuss this with you if we think it’s needed.

Should I stop taking medication before having osteopathy treatment?2018-03-16T10:56:34+00:00
  • Try not to alter any medication immediately prior to your visit.

What are your opening times?2018-03-16T10:55:33+00:00

Monday 8am – 8.00pm
Tuesday 8am – 8.00pm
Wednesday 8am – 8.00pm
Thursday 8am – 8.30pm
Friday 8am – 9.00pm

Saturdays 8am-12 noon

Open times may alter

Do you accept insurance company claims?2018-03-16T10:54:43+00:00
  • We work with most of the leading insurance companies. If you are making an insurance claim, please check with your insurance company first that you are covered and the procedure you need to follow.

Do I need to see a doctor first?2018-03-16T10:53:30+00:00

No, patients may self-refer for osteopathy. GP and consultant referrals are also welcome. Some insurance policies require that you are referred by a doctor, please check with your insurance provider.

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