Covid -19 KB Osteopathic and Health Clinic Protocol and disclaimer

Patients are contacted prior to the appointment to check for symptoms and to establish if they have been in contact
with anyone diagnosed with the symptoms of Covid 19, i.e. ( temperature, cough, change of taste and smell).

New procedures are in place for sanitisation of the practice before and after each patient. This includes the treatment
room, waiting area, door handles, card machines, couch and face ring, only paper roll is used. Antiviral and
alcohol sprays are also used on all hard surfaces.

Patients are asked to wash hands on arrival and before leaving the practice, hand sanitiser is always available in the
waiting area and treatment room.

There is no cross over of patients in the waiting room area. We ask patients to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before
their appointment. We allow a 15 min gap between patients to clean all areas and surfaces.

Practitioner will wear a fresh uniform for each patient and washes hands to above elbow before, during and after
treatment. Gloves can be used but hand washing is more effective to avoid any cross contamination. Mask is worn
by the practitioner whilst treating patient but can be worn at all time.

Patients are encouraged to bring their own masks, even home made if they feel safer with them. We will ask patient
to get undressed for examination but clothes can be worn for treatment if patient feels more comfortable. Our towels
and blankets are not used at the moment but feel free to bring you own if it makes you feel more comfortable.

2m distance is not possible in the clinic during the treatment but we are minimising the time spent talking face to
face without masks during the consultation and taking all precautions possible following current government advice.

Ultimately, we are doing all that we reasonably can to minimise risk whilst remaining open.
However, we cannot eliminate risk, especially as COVID-19 can be spread by those showing no symptoms.
Parents will be asked to read and sign an online disclaimer before attending face to face appointment.